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Rise of Owaisi in Bihar – What it suggests for Congress and Indian politics




Rise of Owaisi in Bihar - What it means for Congress and Indian politics

When PM Modi talked about a Congress-mukt-Bharat, quite a few took it to indicate the literal dissolution of the Indian Countrywide Congress. That day may or may perhaps not be significantly away but the Bihar 2020 election marks a essential milestone in Bharat ridding by itself of what the Congress stands for, or to put simply just, ridding itself of Congressism. That milestone, ironically, is the establishment of the AIMIM as the evident voice of Indian Muslims.

There has been substantially hand wringing about the increase of the AIMIM outside their Hyderabad stronghold, like a lot of views on social media on why this is an ominous signal for India. Even so, there is more to this than what meets the eye.

One particular ought to first realize what the Congress is supposed to stand for. Due to the fact it is devoid of an ideology now, we can glimpse to historical past to guide us. There had been a few basic rules Congress claimed it stood for. Whilst the very first two have been pretty demolished, they are still well worth revisiting.

Welfare for all / pseudo socialism

The Congress shouted the ‘garibi hatao‘ slogans even back again in 1971 but it was the NDA governments that have seemed previous the empty claims to deliver crucial advantages into the fingers of intended beneficiaries. As a reward, the Modi govt has dried up the trough of condition funds that political parties fattened them selves on for generations. This blatant corruption has been so engrained in the Congress DNA and modus operandi that it sees corruption in any big federal government spending, e.g. the Rafale invest in. The Bihar election was an additional vote of assurance and trust of the popular gentleman in the two Modi’s intent and functionality to deliver point out rewards with no discrimination or dilution.

Delight in the country

The Congress had efficiently weaved a tale of the get together having pride in the country as a civilizational state. It positioned by itself as India’s liberator from the British Raj, and the nationalist impression bought a huge raise by means of the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971. It’s a various issue that today’s Congress would be unrecognizable to the liberty fighters and even to Indira Gandhi. From remaining a party of the Mahatma who advocated for a comprehensive ban on cow slaughter to youth congress personnel slaughtering a cow in comprehensive community check out, it has been pretty a slide for India’s Grand Old Occasion. No just one in their right brain sees even a speck of nationalism / pleasure in the region in just the Congress.


The over two can be believed of as pillars of Congressism but secularism is certainly the basis. To fully grasp how the Congress took possession of this word and horribly disfigured it, it will help, as usually, to go again in time. All through the Indian independence motion, the Congress was typically found as a bash of upper caste Hindus, even though the Muslim League represented the Muslims (read building a new Medina for a comprehensive look at of the happenings major up to Independence).

The Congress experimented with tough to rid itself of this ‘stigma’ of staying a Hindu celebration by bending around backward so a lot that Gandhi even prolonged help for the Khilafat motion. However, the Muslims did not see themselves as a one country with Hindus and got their wish of Pakistan.

The Congress interpreted this failure to mean soon after independence, Congress would not just have to bend but also crawl. This utilized for the two the Muslims in India as very well as the party’s dealings with Pakistan. This gave start to many peace conferences among two international locations though Pakistan-backed terrorists attacked Indian metropolitan areas at their pleasure.

Congress by no means experienced the mental clarity to comprehend that the root induce for Pakistan was not a threat of Hindu rule but Muslims viewing themselves as a separate country and individuals from Hindus. Regrettably for Indians, the Congress occasion had alone as the celebration of ‘secularism’ when it practiced blatant minorityism in the form of prejudiced legal guidelines and sights from the majority group.

It is this sham of secularism that the AIMIM has demolished Congress by taking a foothold in several Muslim vast majority spots of the region, which includes Bihar. They have rightly pointed out that the Muslim community carries on to vote for tender-minorityism in the form of the Congress, though the AIMIM claims blatant minorityism (soon after all, it is in their name). The counter to this Muslim consolidation towards Islamist get-togethers like the AIMIM is the lifting of the fog about the eyes of nationalist Indians of all religions and varieties. It is straightforward to idiot oneself into wondering you are voting for the celebration of Mahatma, Nehru, Indira, Sardar Patel and several other stalwarts when you are alternatively voting for the continuation of blatant discrimination from the the greater part community and fundamentalism amid the Muslim community.

A weaker Congress ceding ground to regional caste-based mostly outfits these types of as the RJD, ideologically empty events these kinds of as Shiv Sena and blatantly separatist (at the very least in mindset) events these types of as the AIMIM clarifies the political chessboard. A voter can vote for any of these alternates but can no longer lie to himself on who and what exactly he’s voting for. To set it merely, the Congress practiced Islamism behind a veil, the AIMIM throws off the address to expose the accurate mother nature. Assuming the AIMIM corners the ‘Muslim’ vote, there are two outcomes, the two beneficial.

The initially is that the occasion in some long run taste can be partnered with to carry about a real reformation within the Muslim group, and assist with nationwide integration attempts. That is minimum probable to occur. Alternatively, as it gains electrical power, the AIMIM and people of its ilk will try out to create additional fissures and separatism within India.

And to that conclusion, is it not much better for that sort of politics to be tackled head-on, and previously, vs . waiting around until finally it has metastasized and developed in electricity below the patronage of the Congress?

As a sensible instance, we saw this in a unique context during the anti-CAA riots in Delhi exactly where the opposition such as Yogendra Yadav experimented with to paint a image of a rainbow of opposition symbolizing all types of culture. That mirage swiftly faded as the Islamist motion that was the genuine driving pressure powering the protests and subsequent riots took heart phase. Those riots have clarified the CAA situation in the eyes of lots of nationalists and you can bet that any subsequent agitations will only catch the attention of the hardcore Marxists and Islamists, alongside with a couple ‘useful idiots’ Hindus.

The dilemma is not the AIMIM or any other political celebration – the trouble is the sensation of separatism that exists among the a specific established of men and women. Wishing it absent or owning it be hidden less than the umbrella of the Congress celebration is a ticking time bomb.


Bihar: AIMIM MLA refuses to say ‘Hindustan’ even though having oath, sparks row




Bihar: AIMIM MLA refuses to say 'Hindustan' while taking oath, sparks row

The 17th state assembly of Bihar took off these days and freshly elected members ended up administered the oath of business. Nonetheless, AIMIM MLA Akhtarul Iman activated a controversy when he introduced that he objects to the term ‘Hindustan’ penned in his affidavit.

As for each studies, the AIMIM MLA was to take his oath in Urdu. When he was handed more than the affidavit, he objected to the word ‘Hindustan’ composed on it. His objection took speaker Jitan Ram Manjhi by shock who argued that it is popular observe for associates who consider oath in Urdu to use the phrase ‘Hindustan’ for the identify of our country.

“I had lifted no objections. I experienced simply manufactured a point that when we read through the Preamble of the Structure, in whichever language, it mentions the phrase ‘Bharat’ and not ‘Hindustan’. In the gentle of this actuality I felt that since we are taking oath in the name of the Structure, it would be good if use the very same phrase for the identify of our state,” Akhtarul Iman claimed.

His reviews did not go down effectively with numerous other MLAs. BJP chief Pramod Kumar had rebuked the AIMIM leader by stating that all those who have a issue with the phrase ‘Hindustan’, can go to Pakistan. It is essential to observe that AIMIM experienced received 5 seats in the Assembly elections of Bihar.

Iman reportedly even more mentioned that in oaths taken in Hindi and Maithili language, the word ‘Bharat’ is utilized, but the identify of the place becomes Hindustan when the oath is in Urdu. Having said that, protem speaker Jitan Ram Manjhi at last allowed him to get his oath with the word Bharat.

The AIMIM has gained 5 seats in the not long ago concluded Bihar elections, Kochadhamam, Baisi, Bahadurganj, Amour, and Jokihat. Akhtarul Iman is the MLA from Amour.

It is not the initial time that an AIMIM chief has sparked controversy when using the oath. Even though using oath for the 17th Lok Sabha just after the 2019 typical elections, occasion chief Asaduddin Owaisi experienced finished his oath with ‘Allah Hu Akbar’. Furthermore, the oath-using ceremony for the 17th Lok Sabha had turn out to be a slogan-shouting spectacle with BJP and several opposition celebration leaders seeking to outperform every other.

BJD’s Anubhav Mohanty experienced gone a step forward and experienced included ‘Jai Naveen’ in his oath, hailing his social gathering chief.

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