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Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik and Eijaz Khan but once more get into a verbal clash previous phone calls Eijaz ‘vaahiyaat insaan’-check out video | Bollywood Bubble




Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik and Eijaz Khan yet again get into a verbal clash; former calls Eijaz 'vaahiyaat insaan'-watch video | Bollywood Bubble

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It looks Kavita Kaushik and Eijaz Khan’s verbal spat won’t prevent as they however yet again bought into an unsightly argument in the previous episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14′. The combat commenced when Kavita took Eijaz’s title to be sent behind the bars. Eijaz could not consider it and a verbal clash begun. Kavita termed him a ‘bakwaas’ and ‘vaahiyaat insaan’ who only is aware to play the sufferer card, and get rid of crocodile tears in front of all people.

Eijaz informed Kavita, “Mat bol mereko” to which Kavita said she is not terrified of him, and he should demonstrate his fake facet to the people today inside and not her. She even stated that he doesn’t exist for her. She said, “Tere se nahi darti Mai, poora dhong inko dikha, mujhe mat dikha. Dua karti hun tumhe trophy mil jaaye varna tum pagal ho jaoge”.

Kavita was on comprehensive hearth and said, “Tum logon ne jo ukhaadna hai ukhaad lo, jhooti impression nahi banani padti hai’‘, Eijaz then replied by stating, “Teri zarurat kisiko nahi hai, mujhe fark nahi padta hai.” Kavita replied, “Khokla hai tu, khokli akad dikha mat. Akele mai lad rahi hu. Akela khel, logon ke jhund ko ikattha mat kar.”

In today’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, we will see Kavita lashing out at Eijaz in entrance of host Salman Khan. Salman was not content with it.

Watch the video clip here.

Stay tuned for much more updates on ‘Bigg Boss 14’.

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Do you use dating apps to find people you like? Refrain from doing these things




Do you use dating apps to find people you like?  Refrain from doing these things

At present, many people are using different dating apps to find the people in their minds. In just a few minutes, these virtual apps let users find new friends. These apps are definitely fun, but like all other online services, they have some disadvantages. The most dangerous of which is falling into the trap of various scammers and stockers. Many people use these apps with confidence, thinking that there is no harm in providing personal information to a stranger. But users may unknowingly use their data for various purposes. Today in this post we will tell you what you need to keep in mind while using dating app.

1. Social media account attachment with dating apps

Many users associate social media accounts with dating apps. But this is not at all safe, especially if users are very active on social media. In this case, scammers can easily customize phishing messages by tracking your Facebook, Instagram pages. For example, if you are an animal lover and you have pictures and videos of various animals on Facebook and Instagram, scammers can send phishing messages asking for donations to save a helpless animal.

2. The same profile photo used everywhere

In this case, we recommend that you always use a separate profile photo for dating applications. Because any stalker, through the Google Image Reverse Search feature, can track your online activity. For example, if you set the same profile photo on social media profiles, LinkedIn and other websites, then put the same picture in the dating application, then the miscreants can only google your picture and browse your LinkedIn profile or other information.

3. Using the same password

Using primary email IDs, phone numbers or the same password in dating applications is not secure in terms of data protection. It’s best to use a different email ID and not a phone number to sign in to dating apps. Also, always use a different password for dating apps that you don’t normally use in any other account.

4. Excessive personal sharing

Don’t share personal information like your school name, college, office, surname, work profile etc. in dating applications. Because scammers can track you by collecting this information. Also refrain from sharing your date of birth and address on public profiles. Your information can be easily stolen using this information. Also, do not give any updates about your financial status in dating applications.

5. Profile verification

Many dating sites or marriage websites request to upload official documents like passport, voter ID card, Aadhaar card to verify the user’s profile. Remember, this data is saved by the website or app creators. The official ID details of the user can be easily accessed if they are hacked in any way.

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