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Obama has not ‘criticised’ Rahul Gandhi, he has secretly served him, go through how




Obama has not 'criticised' Rahul Gandhi, he has secretly helped him, read how

Indian Twitter is all stirred up currently following the experiences of a somewhat interesting assessment of Rahu Gandhi in Barack Obama’s new ebook. He has described the Congress leader as a person who lacks aptitude and passion to learn the subject matter.

Former US President and liberal heartthrob Barak Obama, in his new e-book ‘A Promised Land’ has reportedly produced an intriguing observation about Rahul Gandhi. Obama’s reserve says:

Rahul Gandhi has a anxious, unformed excellent about him, as if he were being a student who’d completed the coursework and was eager to impress the instructor but deep down lacked possibly the aptitude or the passion to master the subject”. 

The curious opinion presently has the Indian Twitter in splits. For Rahul Gandhi is normally mocked for his outlandish feedback, factually incorrect claims and normal incompetence among the the basic community, not just his political rivals. Having said that, given that the Congress ecosystem and the compliant media definitely refuses to see the producing on the wall and accept that Rahul Gandhi is not lower for politics, we get op-eds following op-eds, one PR campaign soon after one more hailing Rahul as the present and long term of Indian politics, a worthy opponent for the Modi regime and whatnot.

As we have protected in this report, the left-liberal media in India has been predicting Rahul Gandhi’s ‘coming of age’ for about a 10 years now.

Why Indian still left-liberals won’t ‘cancel’ Obama

Obama has accomplished a thing that would quickly have bought a Congress leader expelled from the bash. No, it is not an exaggeration, everyone in Congress, who dares to question the leadership is forced to resign, or hounded till he or she does resign. Even senior Congress leaders, kinds who have presented pretty much a life span to the social gathering were duly reprimanded in the previous CWC meeting when they allegedly wrote a letter trying to get some structural and leadership-degree alterations in the get together.

It is Obama’s fantastic fortune that he is not a Congress leader, due to the fact ‘madam’ would not have been happy in excess of this form of statements about Rahul baba.

Nonetheless, Obama will not be ‘cancelled’ just however by Indian remaining-liberals. Right here are the primary motives.

Obama is wise, his ‘criticism’ can really be twisted to necessarily mean as delicate praise

Obama’s statements on Rahul do not in fact produce him off. By pegging him as a ‘student’ Obama has performed what Karan Johar does to Shah Rukh Khan, portrayed him as a younger, lively particular person who is younger ample to be referred to as a ‘student’ and not a 50-12 months-outdated dynast who is however to realize everything of his very own. ‘Nervous student’ is the American version of contacting JNU’s Dafli-banging veterans as ‘student leaders’, to develop a false image of youthful vitality and so, making an escape tunnel for abject failures to be dismissed as insignificant issues of youthful fervour and move unnoticed.

By citing Rahul Gandhi as a ‘nervous student’ Obama has opened the possibility for a different dozen op-eds, declaring that the youthful student has lastly ‘come of age’ and is now no for a longer period nervous like a first-yr pupil in his to start with day at faculty.

‘Done his coursework’? Severely?

When experienced Rahul Gandhi finished his coursework? In the now-popular interview with Arnab Goswami, in which his incompetency, absence of expertise and insincerity was out for everyone to see? Or the varying assortment of costs of a Rafale jet, that kept switching in just about every rally? Was Rahul Gandhi performing his coursework when he was lying, blatantly lying and lying some additional on top of all that lying all via the operate-up to the 2019 elections about the non-existent Rafale ‘scam’ where by no a single could level out what or where by the ‘scam’ was?

Remember the fast exactly where a person from the viewers in a London meeting questioned him about the Doklam standoff, an issue Rahul Gandhi has been ranting about for months? Rahul’s remedy was, “I never know the details”.

Rahul is a particular person who attempts to pronounce “Visvesvaraya” in Karnataka rally and totally fails to do that. Rahul Gandhi is so up-to-date with his homework that he are not able to even pronounce the names of government schemes, statements he wakes up in the early morning in the middle of the night, and so on.

Rahul Gandhi is the a person Indian politician who under no circumstances does his coursework. Congress loyals need to be grateful to Obama that he was so type to Rahul Gandhi.

Obama, by proclaiming that Rahul Gandhi ‘has done his coursework’ but even now seems anxious, has in actuality, inserted the scope for liberals to claim that Rahul is a honest, youthful, hardworking university student who is finding out his way around, not like previous bullies like Modi, and therefore will be a fantastic PM prospect for young India. There is a scope for at the very least 2 dozen op-eds there in that single sentence.

Obama is the liberal dream, un-‘cancellable’

It is a special predicament for Congress faithful, Gandhi family members devoted, Indian ‘secular-liberals’ that Obama has done this. Immediately after all, how do they convey displeasure towards a previous American President of the exact social gathering after they just expressed great joy over Joe Biden’s alleged election victory. Obama was immediately after all, Biden’s manager for eight several years.

Also, they have just fawned over Kamala Harris for staying black, currently being of Indian-descent and staying a lady and however turning out to be the Vice President of United states, forgetting that Indian, Sri Lankan women of all ages have been turning into presidents, key ministers and main ministers for decades now. ‘Cancelling’ Kamala’s previous boss so quickly just after fawning all about the Democrats is going to glimpse a bit ‘uncool’ immediately after all.


How Congress lost Gujarat to save Ahmed Patel’s Rajya Sabha seat




How Congress lost Gujarat to save Ahmed Patel’s Rajya Sabha seat

On 8th August, 2017, Congress moved mountains, figuratively and MLAs, literally, to preserve Ahmed Patel’s Rajya Sabha seat. In the cut price, Congress let Gujaratis die as flood inundated the point out.

3 Rajya Sabha seats ended up up for reelection in Gujarat and it had 4 contenders. One of the seats was of Ahmed Patel.

Gujarat was looking at Rajya Sabha elections for the to start with time since 1996 as they were normally uncontested. Other two seats up for grabs were becoming contested by Amit Shah and Smriti Irani of the BJP, both of those heavyweights in their own way. Their victory was almost certain. BJP has fielded Balwantsinh Rajput, former Main Whip of Gujarat Congress in assembly against Ahmed Patel.

Ahmed Patel was then a 7 time MP from Gujarat (3 moments Lok Sabha and 4 periods Rajya Sabha) and also the political adviser to Congress President Sonia Gandhi. By 1st week of August it was obvious that Congress was a sinking ship in Gujarat. Patel needed 45 votes to keep his seat. Gujarat Congress initially had 57 MLAs. Of these, by 1st August, 6 had resigned and joined the BJP. It was a near get in touch with.

So what does Congress do? The oldest trick in the guide. Kidnap the MLAs, get them to a luxury resort until voting working day to stop them from ‘crossing over’ to the BJP. Apart from, when the Congress MLAs have been experiencing buffet breakfasts, Gujarat was inundated with floods, a person of the worst in a ten years. Banaskantha’s Dhanera was a person of the worst impacted places in the floods. Their Congress MLA, Joitabhai Patel, was a single of the 44 MLAs vacationing in then Congress-dominated Bangalore.

When the citizens wanted their elected leaders in time of pure calamity, their leaders were being not reachable because their phones were switched off. In simple fact, special chef was arranged for the Gujarat Congress MLAs as their constituencies struggled with rescue functions.

The significant-octane elections continued write-up-midnight and the drama was no fewer than a Bollywood potboiler. Congress experienced place all funds and muscle mass ability to help save that just one Rajya Sabha seat. Patel won, but Congress lost Gujarat in the cut price.

This when the state was heading into assembly elections just number of months down the line. BJP was going through pretty much 20 years’ anti-incumbency. A technology of voters had developed up in a non-Congress dominated Gujarat. In these twenty yrs, Gujarat has observed an earthquake, burning up of educate compartment total of karsevaks adopted by riots and alleged fake encounters. But then, Gujarat has also witnessed rise in overseas financial investment, design of Narmada canal spider community and superior electrical power and h2o connectivity.

But did Congress do all this just for Ahmed Patel? No. It was to save Sonia Gandhi’s facial area. Ahmed Patel’s loss would suggest Sonia Gandhi’s decline. BJP was heading all out to make it confident that the defeat is found as a ‘blow to Sonia Gandhi’. A revenge for all the “Blow to Modi” headlines that Ahmed Patel is considered to have managed when Congress dominated. And Congress was going all out to preserve Patel and in transform help save Sonia’s face.

For a bash that has gambled the complete country about the several years, gambling Gujarat to save Sonia did not come as substantially of a surprise.

71-yr outdated Ahmed Patel handed away previously currently pursuing various organ failures thanks to coronavirus. He was getting probed in several UPA-era frauds. And for Congress, it is still left with riot-convict and sedition accused Hardik Patel as party main in Gujarat.

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