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These are the things to keep in mind before buying an air purifier, otherwise you will be cheated





There is no denying that the air in the environment in which we constantly breathe is dangerous to our health. The presence of fresh and fresh air is very important for our well-being. And that is why many people nowadays use air purifiers. Air-purifier keeps the air in our room clean. But there are some things to keep in mind when buying an air purifier, let’s find out what they are.

1. The size of the room should be kept in mind when buying a new air purifier. If the house is big, you should buy a high power air purifier. Purifiers available at reasonable prices are mainly suitable for mid-sized houses.

2. There may be more pollutants in the air, including dust. So before bringing a new air purifier into the house, you need to know well about its filter. Hepa (HEPA), charged media, antibacterial and disinfectant and electrostatic precipitators – these four types of filtered purifiers are commonly available in the market. They need to have a pre-filter suitable for refining relatively large particles.

3. Before buying an air purifier, its air change rate (Air Change Rate Per Hour – ACH) needs to be verified. Exactly how many times a filter purifies air in an hour can be deduced from its air change rate. Purifiers with 5-6 ACH are sufficient for proper air purification.

4. The number of cubic feet of air purified by a purifier per minute is determined by its Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR. The higher the CADR, the more useful the purifier is in decontaminating the air.

5. The purifier should have an activated carbon layer for odorless pure air. This layer separates harmful gases and chemicals from the air.

. Prolonged use of an air purifier with UV filtration or ionization can cause respiratory problems. It emits ozone, so its use should be avoided.

. Air purifiers have a fan for air purification. These fans make continuous noises which can disturb your sleep. So in a purifier that has less of this sound, it is better to choose the one when buying.

. Purifier filters need to be changed from time to time. As a result, it is not advisable to buy an air purifier without being sure about the price of the filter and the presence of the brand’s customer service center.

9. Before buying a new air purifier, know the warranty terms and conditions. If you bring a purifier home for a good amount of money, it is better to buy a certified product of a good brand.

10. Lastly, the weight of your air purifier is relatively low. This will allow you to easily move or move it. Also, check if the purifier has an AQI Monitor. The AQI monitor will tell you how pure the air in the room is.


TRAI has fined telecom companies for cheating people due to fake SMS




TRAI has fined telecom companies for cheating people due to fake SMS

Currently a large number of people in India use digital payment services. Everything from bill payment to money transfer is now possible via smartphone. However, if you are a little careless with this service, you are more likely to be deceived. If you click on any fake link on the phone, you can be gone. However, it is not only the fault of the fraudsters, but also the telecom operators are allowed to send such SMS without verification. But this time the government has taken strict action on this issue. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has fined Indian telecom operators Rs 35 crore for allowing fake SMS. The government agency BSNL has to pay the highest fine. Their fine is Tk 30.1 crore. BSNL has to bear this penalty for running spam calls and fake SMS on its network.

Telecom Operator vs. Digital Payment Platform

Please be informed that these huge fines have been imposed on various telecom operators based on the complaints of various digital payment companies. A case is also pending in the Delhi High Court in this regard. Digital payment companies complain that telecom operators are not maintaining transparency in SMS handling. At the same time, they are giving fraudsters the opportunity to send such SMS, which is causing their users to fall victim to financial fraud. Paytm is the first of these complainants. Many Paytm subscribers complained about such SMS on social media platforms. These SMSes were asking to change the password of Paytm account or asking for OTP.

Following the allegations, the Delhi High Court directed TRAI to take urgent action in the matter. As a result of the order of the High Court, TRAI has imposed this huge fine.

The amount of the fine

India’s four major telecom operators Jio, Airtel, Vodafone Idea and BSNL have been fined. The highest fines have been imposed on BSNL. The report said BSNL was being fined for violating TRAI rules and not responding to show-cause notices. BSNL also did not submit a performance-monitoring report. They will have to pay a fine of Tk 30 crore for all these negligence.

Among other operators, Vodafone, Airtel and Quadrant have been fined Rs 1.72 crore, Rs 1.33 crore and Rs 1.41 crore respectively. GEO has also been fined, but the amount of the fine was not reported. According to TRAI, the fine was imposed for violating the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulation.

BSNL has not commented on the huge fine. Hopefully they will respond to this in the next few weeks. As such, BSNL lags far behind other telecom operators in the current market. There is no doubt that this huge fine will make their overall condition worse.

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