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Here are some tips on how to keep your money safe, see the State Bank, see details

Hitesh Maurya



State Bank, India's largest state-owned bank, has come up with a new WhatsApp warning message for its customers. In it, State Bank of India has advised its customers to beware of frauds. Currently, the number of cyber frauds through WhatsApp is increasing day by day. So State Bank has told you how to beware of such frauds. Let's take a look at the details.

According to the State Bank of India, cybercriminals are now preying on ordinary people through the WhatsApp application. They are tempted by WhatsApp calls and messages, and ordinary people fall into the trap of fraudsters. State Bank has informed how to avoid such fraud.

1) Don't always reply to WhatsApp calls and messages and don't read messages. If a message has been sent from a number you know, reply to the WhatsApp message. If it is from any other number, block that number.

2) Fraudsters on WhatsApp lure customers in various ways. They report that the customer has won a big lottery or that they are about to receive a free gift. Many people fall into the trap of such tempting gifts and hand over all their bank account information to fraudsters. Then the money was withdrawn from his account. Such frauds have occurred with State Bank of India customers.

3) The customer of that bank is asked to call such phone number. As soon as they call that number, the fraudsters take the bank account details from them. As soon as he handed over all the information of the bank to the fraudster, he withdrew the money from that bank account.

4) State Bank has informed that they do not give any lottery scheme or free gift coupon to their customers. So do not fall into the trap of such temptations. Not only State Bank but also any state owned bank does not run any such lottery scheme. So if someone calls and tells you that you have won a lottery on behalf of the bank, then first go to your bank branch and contact. Do not disclose all your account information in a direct phone call.

5) Cyber ​​fraudsters will be waiting for your wrong move. So ignore this kind of fake message all the time.

6) No employee of SBI or any bank will call and demand your personal information. All the work of the bank is done only in the bank. So if such a phone has come to you, then you will understand that it is a fake call. Contact your bank branch immediately. If a link comes to you not only by phone but also by email or SMS, don't tap there. This type of link can infect your phone with various viruses. And these viruses can secretly steal your personal information and send it to fraudsters. Then using that information the fraudster can steal your money.

So always be careful about your money.

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Gionee's new smartphone has been launched, priced at Rs 5,500 and less

Hitesh Maurya



Gionee is back in the Indian market with the Gionee F8 Neo smartphone. The company has launched this budget phone especially for those customers who want to upgrade from a feature phone to a smartphone. The phone has been launched with Android 10. Let's discuss the phone in detail,

Price of Gionee F8 Neo in India

The Gionee F8 Neo is priced at Rs 5,499 in India. This phone has been launched in Black, Blue and Red colors.


Gionee's new phone Gionee F8 Neo has a 5.45 inch Full Hd + display with an aspect ratio of 18: 9. Customers can opt for 2GB RAM and up to 32GB storage at the time of purchase. The phone is powered by Helio G35 processor. In terms of photography, the phone has an 8-megapixel primary camera and a rear camera. 5 mp front camera support is also provided. This smartphone has a 3000 mAh battery.

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