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Now the popular application PayTM has been released from the Google Play Store, find out the reason

Hitesh Maurya



After Pubji and other Chinese applications, the Indian application PayTm has been rolled out from the Google Play Store. The reason given was that this application was constantly violating the rules of the Google Play Store.

Paytm is the largest startup business in India and has over 50 million users per month. The Google Play Store announced on Friday that it was removing online casinos and other regulated gambling applications from the Play Store. Such applications were associated with various sports betting before the Indian Premier League.

If an application requests its users to move from their application to another location to play in various tournaments or shows the temptation to win money, they are in violation of the Play Store policy. Currently, as the incidence of hacking through Android apps has increased, the Play Store does not want to keep any applications that violate their policy. So this time, the Indian application Paytm K has to pay the fee for violating this policy.

Sports betting in India is completely illegal, but fantasy sports have not yet been banned. In this fantasy sports game, the user has to create a team of their choice and win gifts and cash. However, these apps also support some betting.

So Google has already requested Disney + Hotstar to give them a warning when running their ads on the Fantasy Sports app. And Google has further stated that if an application violates the Play Store policy again, those applications will be charged for the error. But now, all Paytm users in India are under a lot of pressure to get out of the Play Store. Now let's see how Paytm can re-establish itself in the Play Store.


Today’s horoscope on Sunday, October 25, 2020, find out the result of your fortune

Hitesh Maurya



Banglahant Desk: Today is the ninth day, at the beginning of the day, look at today’s horoscope (ajker rashifal) and spend the whole day like that, then all obstacles will be removed. Horoscopes also vary from person to person. So match your zodiac sign to see how today will cut.

Aries Do something good in your spare time. You can go for a walk with your brother. People with heart disease should stop drinking coffee today to take care of their body. Nowadays it is better not to give loan to anyone.

Taurus If you have been planning to borrow for a long time, today is a good day. Even if you want to finish the work left behind today, you will be unable to do so. Spend a beautiful moment with everyone today. You can spend your day in sports.

Gemini Today married couples of this zodiac sign may be concerned about the health of the child’s body. There is also the possibility of spending money. Today is going to be a bad day for the lovers of this zodiac sign.

Cancer The physical illness of the older person in the family will cause problems. There is the addition of success in the workplace. Today there will be opportunities for income from new sources.

Lion: Today, people of this zodiac sign may have financial problems. Your body will stay healthy today even during busy times. You can get hurt in love these days.

Daughter: Take care of important things while traveling somewhere. Otherwise you can get into trouble. You can succeed in all endeavors today. Today is a very auspicious day for lovers of this zodiac sign.

Cotton You can gain knowledge on special subjects from the adults in the house. Your unruly behavior today will cause problems in your married life. If the kids can’t fulfill your wishes, you’ll be disappointed.

Scorpio Your improvement will bring happiness to your whole family. Do good by taking some time out for yourself from a busy life. You may have financial problems today.

Sagittarius Be able to make money with someone’s help. Something new will come in the life of love. When you go for a walk in the park, arguing with someone there will make you feel bad.

Capricorn Think about saving money, it is a very important thing. Don’t hurt family members. Rejoice, then you will be free from mental turmoil. Today, people born under this sign have the potential to lose friends.

Aquarius Spend time with family members, try to understand their problems and have a nice day. Today, the married life of people of this zodiac sign is going to be sweet. But today, after a long period of resistance, you will fall in love with your life partner at the first sight.

Pisces Even if you make time for yourself, you can’t do anything else for office work. If you have been planning to borrow for a long time, today is a good day. If people of this zodiac sign are associated with any team today, then they should be listened to attentively.

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