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China tried using every single trick in the e-book to destabilize Modi Govt, but it has backfired gloriously




Adolf Hitler devoted two chapters in his controversial book ‘Mein Kampf’ to examine and apply the artwork of propaganda. On the other hand, in the contemporary, globalized planet, the communist state of China has taken the propaganda warfare a notch previously mentioned. Beijing loathes the presence of a robust leader like Key Minister Narendra Modi in its vicinity and, hence, constantly tries to manufacture border difficulties as a way to destabilize the govt in the centre and convey its aged-allies like Congress into energy, which CCP’s mouthpiece World wide Occasions has heaped praises upon.

Conversely, China’s tries to destabilize the Modi governing administration have backfired gloriously. Beijing considered it could arm-twist India into submission in the Galwan valley at the LAC in June, but, what took place there served as a cold-reminder to the wussies of PLA that India was able of supplying it back again in epic proportions even when blindsided. Several media reports experienced believed that close to 50-60 PLA troops experienced succumbed to the fatal blows levied by the courageous hearts of the Indian army.

Evidently, Beijing did not anticipate such a stellar reaction and had to go over up the deaths of its troopers as stress mounted from its personal citizens who demanded to know the fate of their countrymen.

The Union government always preferred to boycott Chinese products and investments and so the June 15 incident served as the great leaping-off issue. India arrived down greatly on the Chinese espionage applications and quashed their existence in one of the most important markets of the world. The banning of the applications served as a guidebook for the other nations around the world and the United states made use of it to give an ultimatum to TikTok to pack its bags and leave the place.

A handful of times again, New Delhi came down yet once more on the Chinese apps and banned 117 espionage apps together with the broadly preferred PUBG-Cell. Claimed by TFI, China which takes pride in possessing leverage in any problem was created to take in the humble pie when PUBG’s mum or dad Korean organization, Bluehole, yesterday, declared that it was severing its ties with Tencent in a hope to start out operations in India all over again.

It is predicted that the substantial ban on Chinese tech solutions/applications by India will also result in investors rising apprehensive of putting in their fortunes with Chinese corporations, as in the post-COVID environment order, no one particular knows which state may well close up using anti-China selections. Rather, investors will be seeking at putting their cash in much more secure economies, such as India, who experience no unfavorable sentiments globally. This will spell the dying knell for the Chinese tech sector.

The the latest SCO meeting in Russia was also a prime example of India’s h2o-tight overseas diplomacy. Studies have said that the Chinese Defence Minister was pressurized by Russia to hold a conference with his Indian counterpart.

India has so considerably provided China a style of its possess drugs that Beijing so much has not been able to gulp it down. India’s aged ally Russia also came in the vicinity of the Strait of Malacca–China’s Achilles heel–and executed a naval exercising with India.

It was by way of India’s backdoor diplomatic dealings with Russia that the consignment of the S-400 air missile method was suspended to China.

India capturing a strategically essential publish in Pangong-Tso has further more riled the Xi Jinping pink authoritarian regime which funnily more than enough, is now working with medieval-weapons to get on the struggle-hardened soldiers of the Indian military.

Moreover, the sacrifice of a Tibetan SFF JCO Nyima Tenzin in the fight on August 29-30 has turn into a rallying issue for Tibetans all above the environment and sparked a new life to the resistance towards the Chinese occupation of the location.

And it is not only China that has tried using its very best to corner the Modi government. India’s two greatest enemies’ viz. Pakistan and Turkey experienced also mounted a weak social media marketing campaign in the earlier couple months, contemplating it was going to set a dent into PM Modi’s acceptance.

The video clip of his tackle on the PMO, PIB, and BJP channels of YouTube was garnering more dislikes than likes, a little something which has under no circumstances transpired prior to. The identical was attributed by numerous standard Modi-baiters as an outburst and uprising from the Modi govt by a disgruntled scholar community which was getting produced to sit for the JEE and NEET entrance tests.

Nevertheless, as it turns out, only two for each cent of the dislikes on YouTube for this Sunday’s Mann Ki Baat came from India, and a whopping 98 per cent of them could be sourced to nations around the world overseas, IANS reported.

It is only envisioned that on this sort of occasions when PM Modi is to be targeted beneath the aegis of a fake social media marketing campaign, Pakistanis lend a encouraging hand for the similar without inquiring any thoughts.

Turkish participation, albeit faux in nature, is in much larger sync of apprehensions lifted by India’s safety establishment relating to the recently turned extremist state less than a rabid wannabe Khalifa – RecepTayyip Erdogan.

It has been observed that Turkey is funding anti-India routines extensively, and the participation of the country’s bots and Twitter consumers to focus on PM Modi and the BJP has developed manifold. It will not occur as a surprise if it ended up to be disclosed that Turkey and Pakistan have been in cahoots to wage a ‘dislike’ war against Key Minister Modi on YouTube.

Owing to the China incident, a new professional-Modi wave can be found amid the Indians. Everyone is mindful of Modi’s harsh policies in opposition to China considering that the Galwan valley clash took location. Thus, China unknowingly has done a modest PR marketing campaign for the present-day routine. China is digging a hole for by itself, all although staying in the stupor that it is using on PM Modi’s popularity—which on the opposite is only swelling.


Is US organizing to conquer China controlled islands in the South China Sea? Seems very likely!




Over the previous couple months, the United States has been sending subtle messages to China, conveying in no unsure phrases to the purple rogue point out that their recurring misadventures in the South China Sea will have a tremendous consequence, the moment and for all. As a portion of the Defender Pacific 2020 armed service workout, the United States executed significant-conclusion and intricate armed service routines unfold throughout tens of millions of sq. miles, with the focal stage of such maneuverers becoming South China Sea by yourself.

The environment proceeds to witness how China is escalating belligerent all around its neighbourhood, from the Himalayas to the East China Sea, from Taiwan to South China Sea, and from Tajikistan to Russian Considerably East. The Chinese Communist bash is leaving no front closed, and is buying up fights on all its borders. The South China Sea continues to stay an emotive issue for Beijing, as does the US and totally free world get continue to be committed to guaranteeing that tried Chinese hegemonic authority in excess of South China Sea is dismantled comprehensively.

As a aspect of the hottest exercise routines, the United States has shown to China a distinctive capability – that of placing its military on the floor in South China Sea’s islands, alongside with all that they would be demanding to fight a comprehensive-blown war from China. As for each a Forbes report, U.S. Air Force airlifters landed on a dust airstrip on an unnamed remote Pacific island, disgorging U.S. Army soldiers. An Military landing craft beached on the very same island to offload rocket launchers.

What the US fundamentally demonstrated was its capacity to placing troops on Islands unfold throughout the South China Sea, even if the workout was not executed in the Islands lying in the disputed waterways for every se, of which China irritatingly retains proclaiming about 90 % of aqua territory under the nine-sprint line claim of its very own imaginative invention.

The US Army, accompanied with the country’s formidable Marines, and assisted by the US Air Force have productively demonstrated that it is not an unattainable process for them to seize islands in the South China Sea, in buy to keep the maritime independence of the bordering waterways for the increased benefit of the planet community.

“The F-22s, C-17s, HIMARS and paratroopers all were being element of the very same exertion, even if their actions were being separated by time and distance. In wartime, the F-22s would clear the skies of enemy planes so the C-17s securely could drop paratroopers on an island in enemy territory. The HIMARS would occur following, offering the evenly-armed paratroopers significant firepower, including the skill to fire anti-ship missiles. Alongside one another, the fighters, airlifters, rockets and troopers are an island-capturing team,” the Forbes report claimed.

While the reported maneuverers ended up dispersed in places ranging from the Pacific to as much as Alaska, primarily, the US has been capable to express to Beijing that if require come up, the chief of the cost-free environment purchase will not hesitate from going on an island-securing spree in the South China Sea. By securing islands in the South China Sea, the US would make the conflict with China relating to the waterways, which is currently oblique, a particular and direct one, in which case China is certain to go through significant blows. By securing Islands in the South China Sea, what the US will also make certain is that China stops relentlessly flexing its muscle groups in the location, except if it is especially intrigued in indulging in a comprehensive-blown conflict with Washington, only to be defeated.

Beijing’s moves in the South China Sea, which is a jugular sea trade route for countries all-around the world have only greater for the even worse all through the ongoing pandemic which was unleashed on the earth allegedly from a laboratory in Wuhan – the epicentre of the outbreak. China has been forming administrative districts in the claimed sea, with Beijing asserting before this calendar year that it experienced set up new administrative districts on the Paracel and Spratly Islands.

With the QUAD, comprising of a strategic armed forces alliance in between India US, Japan and Australia officially making fast-paced development towards formalisation, the US’ moves in the South China Sea will be backed by some of the most highly effective nations close to the entire world, rendering China incapacitated to act in a haphazard way only to witness its possess ruin. With time, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the US is prepping for a armed forces intervention in the South China Sea.

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