Vodafone Idea is about to launch under a new name, with users getting these great benefits

Vodafone Idea recently changed their brand name to VI (read Wii). After announcing this new brand name, Vodafone Idea debuted as a completely new brand together. As a result, the two brands can be easily pronounced together this time.

The new brand name was announced at a virtual live streaming conference. By the way, by August 31, 2016, Vodafone and Idea started working together. Two years later, these two brands are coming together as a new brand. From now on, the name VI will be used in all places including the company's website application.

Rabindra Takkar, CEO and Managing Director of Vodafone Idea Limited, said, “Vodafone Idea started working together two years ago. Since then our main goal has been to build a larger network. We are very happy to be able to create this new VI network today. Through this new network it will be possible to provide better service to our customers. The main goal of VI will be to fulfill our commitments and take care of all the needs of the customers. ”

He added that this new network VI is going to be the largest telecom network in the world. We will also be able to give customers a WORLD-CLASS digital experience. Not only that, by launching 5G service we will establish this new network as a digital network created for the future.

This company is going to come up with another new HAPPY SURPRISES program. In this program users will be able to win new gifts every day from the new VI application. Users can also set the VI TUNE of their choice from the VI application or the website.

Hitesh Maurya

Hitesh maurya is an associate editor with the thenewzly . He is a engineer by education, a poet by accident, and a painter by shaukh. He has her own podcast called #lateNightsWithp on Spotify.

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