Get a discount of Rs 1.6 lakh on this car now, find out how

Most businesses have been affected by the recent Corona outbreak. The automobile industry is no exception. Due to the market slowdown, most companies have to pay heavy discounts on their cars. In that sense, Volkswagan India has to follow that path. The company has already announced huge discounts on their premium Ventro and entry-level Polo models. If you want to buy a sedan in September, Volkswagan's offer is a golden opportunity for you.

The company has announced huge discounts on some variants of their Ventro cars. If you buy the car in September, you can get a discount of up to Tk 1.8 lakh. The Ventro Comfortline variant is priced at around Rs 9.99 lakh in the Indian market. But you will be surprised to hear that if you buy the car in September, you can get the car for Tk 6.39 lakh.

You can get an attractive discount of Rs 1.09 lakh on the Highline plus MT variant of Ventro. At present, the car is priced at around Rs 12.06 lakh in the Indian market. Already, most dealers are running out of Ventro models. Contact your nearest Volkswagen dealer as soon as you want to buy. Incidentally, no discounts will be available on Ventro's automatic transmission models.

Huge discounts will also be available on Volkswagan's entry level car Polo. The car is priced at around Rs 5.59 lakh in the Indian market. The Polo Tradeline model will get a maximum discount of Rs 29,000. You will also get discounts of Rs 23,000 and Rs 20,000 on Polo Comfortline and Highline plus models, respectively, if purchased in September. If you are planning to buy a car at this time then of course Volkswagan will be your first choice.

Hitesh Maurya

Hitesh maurya is an associate editor with the thenewzly . He is a engineer by education, a poet by accident, and a painter by shaukh. He has her own podcast called #lateNightsWithp on Spotify.

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