Unlimited data is now available on these Airtel Broadband Plans, Learn More

Indian telecom company Bharti Airtel has announced that it will soon be making all its broadband data plans unlimited. Customers who have been using Airtel's broadband service for so long will be able to enjoy unlimited data from now on. Bharti Airtel's decision is expected to give Geo Fiber an ace in the Indian market. Because Geo Fiber has planned to provide their broadband service for only Tk. 399.

Geo Fiber's lowest priced broadband plan is Rs 399. In addition, for the convenience of customers, some other popular plans are Rs 800, Rs 999 and Rs 1499. With these plans you can enjoy unlimited data as well as great speed. The Rs 1,499 plan offers 300 Mbps speed as well as a free subscription to the 11-12 OTT platform app. Airtel is also unlimiting their broadband plans to compete with such a stunning offer and is going to make some changes along with it.

Airtel Broadband basically had four types of plans. Their names are Basic, Entertainment, Premium and VIP. These four plans have made the company unlimited data. The new plan will be announced on the official website soon. The Tk 299 broadband add-on pack has already been removed from the website. Also earlier with the broadband pack subscriptions to OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Zee 5 etc. were available completely free. But after providing unlimited data, Airtel will no longer offer free subscriptions to any OTT platform.

Incidentally, Airtel Broadband had unlimited data plans in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat in India before. According to the plan, customers will get 3.3 TB data at 1 Mbps speed. With the advent of Geo Fiber in the market, Airtel has to make a radical change in its data plan. Then let's see how much Airtel's new plan can make customers happy.

Hitesh Maurya

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