Another new step in WhatsApp security is the Security Advisor page, Learn Details.

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has recently launched a new advisory page that will publish a list of the app's security updates and related Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE). The page has already announced 7 undeclared weaknesses of Android, iOS and desktop WhatsApp and they have been fixed. Of those 6 WhatsApp problems, 4 were for Android and iOS WhatsApp and the other 2 were for desktop WhatsApp.

According to the company, due to some security policies in the Play Store, they cannot mention the security update of the app and its problems in the app release note. That's why this new advisor page is thinking. This page will also let the company and users know about all the security updates and their vulnerabilities at the same time. In that case users will be a little more careful and the company will be able to solve the problem very quickly. As WhatsApp writes on their new security advisory site, we are highly committed to the transparency of the app and the new advisory site is another step towards advanced technology so that rogue people can do no harm to ordinary users.

WhatsApp is already used by more than 200 million people worldwide. In that case, rogue hackers manipulate ordinary user messages or try to harm them by knowing secret information. So even though there are many questions about the security of the app, Facebook-acquired WhatsApp solves all the problems very quickly. Even before this, the technical team of WhatsApp itself has found and solved many problems of the app itself. The security team behind the application will then be able to focus more on identifying and patching bugs to prevent past problems once the new site arrives.

Incidentally, messaging apps have security issues due to the presence of third parties. In that case, the social media giant Facebook has taken a new policy. That applies to Facebook as well as WhatsApp. According to the policy, if the general public is to face any problem for the third party, the third party must inform all the information about it to Facebook within 21 days. And if not informed, after 21 days, the cause of the problem will be deleted by Facebook itself. Let's see how much protection the new advisory page of WhatsApp can give to the general users.

Hitesh Maurya

Hitesh maurya is an associate editor with the thenewzly . He is a engineer by education, a poet by accident, and a painter by shaukh. He has her own podcast called #lateNightsWithp on Spotify.

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