If you buy Lays chips, you will get 2 GB of free data, Airtel has come up with a bang offer.

Bharati Airtel and PepsiCo have come up with a new offer for Airtel users. In this new offer you will get free data up to 2 GB if you buy packets of LAY’S, KURKURE, UNCLE CHIPS and DORITOS. This new offer has been introduced for Airtel prepaid customers and you can use this offer 3 times.

In this offer, if you buy a pack for 10 rupees, you will get 1 GB of data. And if you buy any pack for 20 rupees, you will get 2 GB data. Currently, the use of the Internet has multiplied due to the coronavirus situation. Airtel has come up with this new offer to meet the growing demand for internet.

You can redeem this 4G data voucher on your Airtel prepaid number. Your packet will have the code of this data voucher. You open your Airtel Thanks app, enter this code in the coupon section. This data will then be recharged to your Airtel number. This offer is valid till 31st January. However, once redeemed, the data will run for a maximum of 3 days.

Airtel has come up with this new offer after Bharti Airtel Chairman Sunil Bharti announced the price hike of Mittal Data Plan. With this new offer, Airtel users will be able to use a total of 8 GB of internet for free. For that they have to buy only 3 packets of chips. As a result, there is currently a lot of practice in the net neighborhood about this offer.

Hitesh Maurya

Hitesh maurya is an associate editor with the thenewzly . He is a engineer by education, a poet by accident, and a painter by shaukh. He has her own podcast called #lateNightsWithp on Spotify.

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