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Sorry Rana Safvi, your clarification does not justify your foolish claim. Raksha Bandhan is as Sanatani as it can get




Yesterday was the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan but as is the circumstance with most still left-liberal historians in India who can not fathom a Hindu competition staying celebrated in its entire glory, Rakshabandhan, just like other Hindu festivals has been at the receiving conclusion of this kind of vitriol trolls more than the years. Aside from brain-numbing schemas like terming Raksha Bandhan a patriarchal pageant didn’t function out, the liberals also came up with an agenda to have their way out. They dubbed Raksha Bandhan as a Mughal competition and went even a phase forward and claimed that Rakshabandhan was a gift of Mughals to the Hindus.

Rana Safvi, who has a backlog of producing doubtful promises in excess of the decades (Read: Mughals brought riches to India) has been in the news for completely wrong reasons. This time about, a snippet of an excerpt from her book ‘City of my Heart’ has surfaced with a headline ‘How Mughal Delhi gave birth to Raksha Bandhan.’

The short article quotes Rana Safvi, “Not many folks know that RakshaBandhan is in fact a Mughal festival that originated in the heart of Delhi”. The post cites a historic legend from Safvi’s book wherever a Hindu woman retrieves Mughal emperor Alamgir’s body from a river right until assistance arrived. Later, Shah Alam II, Alamgir’s heir, termed on her, declared her sister, and rewarded her generously.”

The post states the day was celebrated as Raksha Bandhan each year right up until Bahadur Shah Zafar was exiled from the Pink Fort immediately after 1857.

Even so, the instant this snippet of her e-book went bust on the social media platforms, specifically Twitter, a huge controversy erupted in excess of the genesis of the Hindu competition of Raksha Bandhan and how Rana Safvi conveniently chalked up a convoluted storyline with gaping loopholes to paint the Mughals in a superior gentle.

Even so, Rana Safvi did come up with a clarification in 2018 stating that the newspaper experienced printed a deceptive headline and blurb. Even if Rana Safvi promises that she didn’t produce that Mughals invented Raksha Bandhan, her short article plainly insinuates that Raksha Bandhan became a larger institution beneath Mughals who inspired celebrating the pageant.

‘True Indology,’ a twitter person who is famed for mercilessly having the remaining-liberal, Marxist, and other secular historians to the cleaners, arrived up with a twitter thread that systematically wrecked and debunked Rana Safvi’s doubtful statements.

The timeline introduced by Rana Safvi was entirely off the rails. Her claims of Shah Alam II succeeding Alamgiri II and coining Ram Kumari (a character purely invented by Safvi) as her Sister have been critically disputed, as Shahjahan III experienced succeeded Alamgiri II.

It appeared like Rana Safvi could not capture a split, as her ‘typos’ have been currently being termed out time and all over again.

Raksha Bandhan’s relation with historic Hindu people

The background of Raksha Bandhan dates back again to historic periods. The Hindu epic of Mahabharata mentions the brother-sister bond involving Lord Krishna and Draupadi. Draupadi experienced torn her saree and tied a piece of fabric all-around Lord Krishna’s wrist to quit the bleeding. In return, Krishna promised to acquire treatment of her as a brother and later saves her from staying disrobed by Dushasana.

There has also been mention of Yamraj’s sister- Yamuna tying the holy thread on Yamraj’s hand. Apart from, the historic legend of BhavishyaPurana refers to the bond between Indra Dev and Sachi, and BhagavataPurana and Vishnu Purana mentions the brother-sister love involving King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi.

Left historians and the romanticization of the Mughals

The remaining-liberal historians for extensive have romanticized the Mughals as some exotic beings who came to India for uplifting it to unprecedented heights and gave India anything from lifestyle to foodstuff to money–all of which can be strategically countered by a customary glance into the historical past, not the 1 peddled by these progressive thinkers but the first, unabridged and unadulterated edition.

The Mughals might have disappeared from the experience of Earth, but they have still left their PR-reps in the likes of Rana Safvi who hogwash the unspeakable atrocities of Mughals on the Hindus.

From imposing the cruel Jaziya tax to plundering and pillaging the Holy Hindu temples and sites, the Mughals abhorred Hindus and whichever tales you hear about their generosity and Ganga-Jamuna-Tehzib is fostered and peddled by this sort of Historians.

From the demonic Ghazni to the vicious Aurangzeb, Hindus have weathered the carnages of such Muslim rulers more than the several years.

The Islamic rulers in the medieval period experienced only a person aim, the expansion of Islam at any price. Sad to say, India also became a sufferer of this expansionist inhabitants and the most speedy consequence of the Islamic invasion was the mass conversion of the Hindus and utter desecration of the Hindu locations of worship.

Some of the most wilful destruction occurred all through the invasions of Mahmud of Ghazni, from Afghanistan, who raided India various occasions from 1000-1030. In accordance to many historians, Mahmud ‘utterly ruined the prosperity of Hindustan’when he attacked Mathura.

The holy temple of Somnath in Gujarat is the biggest reminder to Hindus that how generations immediately after hundreds of years, the marauders and plunderers tried using their level very best to demolish the identity of Hindus.

Mahmud sacked the Somnath Temple for the to start with time in 1025 and it was once again wrecked in 1299 by AllauddinKhilji of Delhi. Just after currently being rebuilt, it was wrecked again in 1395 by the Muslim governor of Gujarat. In 1665, yet another reincarnation of the temple was destroyed by the Aurangzeb—one of the most significant Hindu-hater to have walked the deal with of the earth.

It was on Aurangzeb’s orders that in 1669, a person of the holiest temples of the Hindus, the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi (then Prayag) was demolished and a mosque developed on its spot.

The Gyanvyapi Mosque as it is called, still shares the boundary with Kashi Vishwanath and the cries have been rallying above the a long time from Hindus to take back what was when theirs.

The Mughals would be laughing and wheezing in their graves at the Muslims of India who is turning these barbarians into the motif of Indian Muslim identification. The identical Muslims whose ancestors have been converted forcefully into Islam. But the likes of Rana Safvi endure from a intense identity disaster. The authentic Muslims of the Arb environment detest the Indian Muslims and so they have no different but to turn to barbaric Mughal emperors and convert them into their bogus idols.

To even more get acceptance amongst the masses, this kind of tales are routinely promoted in which pure Hindu Sanatani festivals like Raksha Bandhan are attached to Muslims and Mughals by working with convoluted and at instances pretend storylines.

Rana Safvi could have obtained absent by pushing the newspaper at the entrance to weather conditions the storm the simple fact continues to be obvious as a working day that this kind of historians have for extensive maligned our background and that is why the new Training policy assumes these paramount great importance because the faux-record requires to be weeded out of the school rooms.


‘Don’t want to endorse Trump,’ The Pope rejects conference Pompeo as Vatican chooses China




The Vatican can strike a deal with a Communist-Atheist Chinese Communist Get together (CCP), but it will not endorse the Trump administration. Pope Francis has consequently reportedly cancelled a assembly with the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The meeting has been cancelled amidst preparations to renew a 2018 offer between the Vatican and China that virtually handed around Chinese bishops to the Communist-Authoritarian Chinese State.

And the Holy See also has an excuse for cancelling the key meeting. Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the Holy See advised US diplomats that the Pope’s assembly with Pompeo ahead of the US polls had to be cancelled owing to the upcoming American Presidential Polls. The Vatican states that the conference might have been observed as a signal of guidance for the US President Donald Trump’s re-election marketing campaign.

But is the US Presidential race the only aspect guiding cancellation of the Pope-Pompeo conference? José Miguel Encarnação, a Macau-dependent commentator on spiritual affairs, feels if not.

In accordance to SCMP, Encarnação feels that Pompeo’s criticism of the Vatican’s ongoing talks with Beijing to arrive at a deal on the issue of regulation of Chinese bishops could also have been a reason. Encarnação said, “This is not the most effective time for the Pope to acquire an individual from the Trump administration. If there was not an election, he would discover a further reason [to not meet Pompeo].”

The Vatican is frightened of Pompeo. It fears that the US Secretary of Condition will not maintain back again in criticising the 2018 provisional deal between China and the Vatican that provides the CCP a stake in appointment of Bishops in China. The Vatican needs to renew the offer, even nevertheless the CCP has been carrying out an anti-Catholic campaign inside China.

In actuality, Pompeo even wrote an posting in the US spiritual journal Initial Issues. In his write-up, Pompeo urged the Vatican to just take a tougher line, days right before the 2018 deal was due to expire and the renewal process about to start out.

Encarnação stated, “At this minute, for the Holy See to acquire the US secretary of state when this extremely person only days earlier referred to as for the Holy See not to renew the arrangement with China, this could be terribly interpreted by China.”

There are two primary challenges for the Vatican below- first of all, if the US Secretary of Point out begins talking up against the Vatican-China offer in a conference with Pope Francis, then it would send strong alerts to the Christian entire world. And next, the Holy See will have absolutely nothing to argue from Pompeo if he begins persuading it not to renew the 2018 offer with China.

The Christian environment is sure to really feel to some degree violated. The Holy see is intended to guard Bishops and Catholics around the environment. But Christians across the earth could possibly come to feel that by signing a deal with the CCP, the Vatican is pretty much handing the Chinese Bishops to the wolves. This could change out to be a key shame for the Papacy. Pompeo can very easily instigate these kinds of sentiments and consequently the Pope has each individual cause not to satisfy him at this juncture.

And then for some reason greatest recognised to the Vatican itself, it seriously needs this offer with Beijing. Thus, the Vatican doesn’t want to be observed as rallying powering Pompeo’s fierce anti-China line. The Vatican is familiar with how the US Secretary of Condition can quickly set the Vatican in a repair by inquiring hard concerns about the Vatican-China deal.

The Vatican could maintain arguing that they do not want to be endorsing Trump for the future Presidential Polls. But the point stays that Trump won’t need the convey backing of the Holy See to garner Catholic votes. If the US President’s leading diplomat stands up to the Holy See around the situation of Chinese bishops, then that would be more than ample for Trump to secure Christian votes in the upcoming polls. The question isn’t genuinely of the Vatican endorsing Trump, alternatively it is all about the Vatican’s deal with China. The Pope has turned down conference Pompeo, as the Vatican chooses China around the US.

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