Sponsored by Pakistan! Anti-India Labour MP who was denied visa by India turns out to be a paid asset of Pakistan

Labour Bash MP- Debbie Abrahams, a declared anti-India political activist and Chairman of the All-Get together Parliamentary Group on Kashmir (APPGK) has now been uncovered as a fraudulent scamster acquiring money from her masters in Pakistan. A report by AsianLite has unveiled that only this calendar year, on February 18th, Abrahams gained close to PKR 30 Lakh for a take a look at by an AAGK delegation, headed by Abrahams herself, to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). The report mentioned that the sign up of all-occasion parliamentary groups reveals that “All Party Parliamentary Group on Kashmir” (APPGK), which is chaired by Labour MP Debbie Abrahams, received a gain of in between 29.7 lakh PKR and 31.2 lakh PKR (near to USD 18,000) on February 18 from the Pakistan federal government for a stop by to PoK between February 18-22.

APPGK is a committed anti-India Parliamentary group in the Uk, whose sole reason of existence is the regular derision of India. The APPGK consists of MPs from both the Labour and Conservative Events, together with some parliamentarians of Pakistani descent. They foolishly need self-resolve legal rights for Kashmiris and request added support from British isles MPs aside from highlighting alleged “human legal rights abuses” in Kashmir. 

Efficiently, Pakistan paid out the APPGK, led by Debbie Abrahams to take a look at PoK. How significantly financial added benefits the anti-India MP ought to be receiving personally from Pakistan is not still a make a difference of general public information. Also, this is not the first time that her parliamentary team has received a big sum of income from Pakistan. On September 17, 2018, the Pakistan Higher Fee in London gave all around 12,000 pounds to the team to fund a visit to Islamabad and Kashmir in between September 17-20 that calendar year. 

Debbie Abrahams is the very same MP who was denied entry into India by authorities in February. There was significantly furore amongst the liberal circles of India pertaining to the shift, and the intercontinental “Kashmiri self-determination” foyer was shocked viewing a person of their individual getting humiliated upon landing in India. The MP was denied entry by authorities on grounds of her e-visa not getting legitimate, and she was subsequently deported to Dubai on February 17. Then MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar had reported, “We believe that her statements and ideology are anti-India. There is a sustained marketing campaign from her side towards India…She came below without having a valid visa so we sent her again “badi izzat se” from Delhi Airport.”

Debbie Abrahams went bonkers final year, when the Modi governing administration abrogated Report 370 and thoroughly integrated the area with India, while also bifurcating the point out into two separate union territories. She had created a letter to India’s then Large Commissioner to the British isles, Ruchi Ghanashyam expressing “grave concern” from MPs and peers about the removal of Kashmir’s unique status. Parallelly, she also wrote to the Uk International Secretary Dominic Raab, declaring that India’s steps in Kashmir violated worldwide law and asked for the British isles to simply call for a momentary prohibition on New Delhi’s moves, to no avail, of training course. India’s intelligence businesses had also earlier exposed that Debbie Abrahams was in speak to with an ISI stooge, Raja Najabat Hussain, chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Self Determination Movement International (JKSDMI), which is on the payrolls of the ISI. 

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