‘Stop me and I will mail refugees,’ From Hagia Sophia to Libya, Erdogan is enjoying EU like a professional

The European Union is in the middle of a extensive-phrase disaster that could endanger the maritime protection and territorial interests of Mediterranean nations around the world like Italy and France. The man holding the EU by its neck is the wannabe Khalifa and the brand name-ambassador of extremist political Islam, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan is has checkmated the EU with a single extortionist tool- the Syrian war refugees and the intergovernmental organisation is pretty much clueless on how to deal with him. Erdogan is hurting European international locations and the same time forcing them to cough up added money above the refugee threat.

Turkey is using the very same technique in the hottest battlefield- Libya. Situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the North African country borders Europe and serves as a gatekeeper blocking migrants from all around Africa who test to enter the European Continent illegally.

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Erdogan is at present supporting the UN-backed Govt of National Accord (GNA) in the region. With Turkish assistance, the GNA has been producing deep inroads versus the rival Libyan National Army (LNA) led by Standard Khalifa Haftar.

Haftar is being viewed as a greater chief, whilst the GNA offers a really Islamist regime. Countries like Italy that deal with the most imminent threat of a big refugee influx from different areas of Africa like the Maghreb region, the Sahel region, Western Africa and Eastern Africa by using Libya s Haftar as important in stemming the movement of Arabic and African refugees.

To make issues worse, Erdogan has also determined to convert Hagia Sophia, the historic-era Cathedral-turned-Mosque-turned-Museum into a Mosque all in excess of again. This is a grave provocation to Christian nations with staunch Catholics and orthodox Christians like Greece, France, Spain, Italy and Russia. Beneath regular conditions, the EU ought to have long gone berserk in opposition to Turkey in Libya. But Erdogan has a sturdy grip around the geopolitical predicament.

The Turkish President retains exploiting the Syrian refugee problem. The Syrian Civil war had established hundreds of thousands of refugees. According to UN estimates, all over 13.5 million Syrian and other middle japanese refugees expected humanitarian help as of 2016. Of these, all-around 6 million ended up internally displaced, whilst 5 million had been cross border refugees who sought asylum in other international locations.

An overwhelming greater part of these refugees, 3.6 million to be specific, reside in Turkey in refugee camps.  These 3.6 million refugees are holding the EU back. In 2016, Turkey attained an comprehending with the EU wherein Ankara was sure to halt the stream of refugees in return of European aid. Erdogan has applied them for blackmailing the EU for more support, and for pursuing his territorial ambitions time and once again.

Final calendar year, when the Turkish forces and proxies went on a rampage throughout a military services incursion into North-eastern Syria in Kurdish-held lands, and the European Union condemned its actions, Erdogan experienced threatened that he would open the floodgates of refugees towards Europe if the armed service action was described as an invasion.

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He utilised this arm-twisting tactic again in March this calendar year. This time all around Turkey was engaged in skirmishes in Syria with the Russia-backed Syrian forces. Erdogan, being a NATO member desired NATO allies to declare a no-fly zone in Syria. But the NATO did not come to his rescue. Erdogan went one stage in advance and flooded thousands of refugees into the Greek and Bulgarian borders.

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In the Libya struggle, Erdogan is yet again working with the identical sort of extortion. Europe fears that Erdogan would unleash hundreds of countless numbers of refugees on the EU if they attempt to counter him in Libya.

Nations like Italy and Germany are not playing any function in Libya. France is giving covert assist to Haftar who has strongholds in Jap Libya. Nevertheless, Italy has turned towards Paris more than this motive. Officers in Rome claim that Macron’s steps in Libya sprint any hopes of a political condition.

The EU is still once again divided in excess of a essential issue. The organisation even tried using to situation a assertion condemning Haftar’s Westward offensive. France however blocked this sort of tries.

For that reason, EU is offering a lot more income to a radical Islamist who is attempting to harm them in each way possible. But Erdogan is using these Syrian migrants as mercenaries towards the Hafter-led LNA in Libya. The probability of Erdogan utilizing the EU money for his armed service marketing campaign in Libya can not be dominated out.

The Maghreb location of which Libya is a part is customarily a region of competitors amongst Italy and France which also will help them in working out entire influence about the Mediterranean. But this balance of ability is shifting with Erdogan’s forays in the location. A puppet regime in Libya dealt with by Erdogan will develop into another impressive software to get Europe by ransom.

Libya has always been a potent device to milk Europe. When Libyan chief Gaddafi was alive, he made use of to draw thousands and thousands of US dollars out of Europe. In situation EU tried using to again out, he would warn, “Europe runs the threat of turning black from illegal immigration,” and “it could flip into Africa.”

Now, with Erdogan pacing his have regime in Libya, he will get started inquiring Europe to release even greater funds in order to keep back again African refugees. Turkey in charge of Libya also indicates a threat to Mediterranean protection. Turkey is inherently expansionist and has invaded areas of other nations like Cyprus which it carries on to occupy till now.

Erdogan’s deep influence in Libya would imply that Turkey will get to control the Mediterranean and training affect more than strategic belongings like Suez Canal which are meant to be European provinces. Europe when managed the Seas of the entire world and now an Islamist is beating it in its very own yard.

Erdogan has caught the EU in an awkward problem. He will blackmail the bloc and do whatsoever he likes. In the end, he is going to push political Islam into Europe, when the EU appears to be witless, leaderless and divided.

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